Troubleshooting Shower Knobs

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Shower knobs operate the hot and cold water for your shower. You must be able to identify the common problems that occur with shower knobs in order to make the right fix. The knobs may stick leak, or work slowly. Read this article for advice on how to deal with improperly functioning shower knob.

Addressing Stuck Shower Knobs

Knobs stick when rusts forms on them. Rust is usually the result of improper installation. Apply WD-40 to loosen the knob. You must also correct the improper installation. Remove the knobs and reinstall them, using plumber's tape around the threads to further prevent rust from accumulating

Dealing With Leaking Shower Knobs

A leaking shower knob represents a more serious problem because serious water damage will eventually occur. Eliminate this problem by repairing the leak and tightening the knobs.

The Water Delays

When you turn the shower knobs, there should be an immediate response from the shower head. The shower knobs results open the valves to allow the flow of water. A delay indicates that there may be a problem with the pipes or valves. In that case, contact a licensed plumber. Leaving this work to a professional will save money in the long run and get your shower back in working order.