3 Window Caulk Removal Tips 3 Window Caulk Removal Tips

If your window caulk is becoming noticeably worn down, it may be time to remove it. Read on to learn a variety of helpful tips about the window caulk removal process.

1. Have a Putty Knife and Wire Brush on Hand

A putty knife can be an indispensable tool in the removal process, as it can be used to scrape away large pieces of loose caulk. When using your putty knife, take care not to scrape your window. After getting rid of the bigger pieces, use a wire brush to purge any smaller, difficult-to-reach pieces of window caulk.

2. Heat up the Caulk

If your window caulk is particularly stubborn, you may want to incorporate the aid of a heat gun. Carefully using this tool to heat your caulk will soften it up, making the removal process considerably easier. Keep in mind, however, that applying too much heat to your window caulk is liable to melt it, thus creating a whole new set of problems.

3. Clean out Your Crevices

After the majority of your window caulk has been removed, use a utility knife to carefully scrape away any remaining caulk in your window's crevices. If you don't have access to a utility knife, a wire brush may prove useful in completing this task. Again, take care not to scrape your window.

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