3 Window Glass Repair Facts to Know Before Getting a Quote 3 Window Glass Repair Facts to Know Before Getting a Quote

Before you get a quote for window glass repair, you have to know just what to tell the company and if it is something you can fix on your own. Consider some tips below before you make a move.

Know What Kind of Repair You Need

You have to be aware of whether the damage is a scratch, a crack or a small hole. That makes a difference in checking for the price of the repair. Tell your agent about how the damage got there in the first place. Of course, someone will come out to fully look over the damages, but it's nice to give them an idea of what they will be dealing with. Assess your windows accordingly.

See if You Can Fix the Damage

If all you are dealing with is a scratch on the surface, you may be able to fix it with a glass repair kit. You can find that at most home improvement stores. Cracks, on the other hand. are not simple to deal with and can lead to more trouble if you don't know what you're doing. Don't tackle anything you can't handle.

Know the Kind of Glass

In your quote, you'll need to let the company know if it is a single layer of glass or a double layer that they will be dealing with. If you have tinting on their windows, tell them that also.

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