3 Winning College Dorm Decoration Gift Ideas 3 Winning College Dorm Decoration Gift Ideas

College dorm decoration gifts should be simple and compact. Below is a list of dorm room gifts ideas that are affordable on virtually any budget.

Desk Chairs

While every college student needs a good desk chair for studying in comfort, the chairs are often the only pieces of furniture found in most rooms. Make sure to look for a desk chair that is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. Sometimes, you can even find one that will double as a recliner. Keep in mind that most college students use desk chairs not just for studying, but for watching television and gaming as well. Also, make a point of purchasing a chair that can easily be disassembled so that it is easy to move quickly.

School Spirit

You can also buy school items to show school spirit, posters and banners. These items can generally be purchased from the school's bookstore and are usually inexpensive.

Bed in Bag

You can also purchase a bed in a bag for a college student to help decorate their room. A bed in a bag is a simple way to add color and personality to any room.

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