3 Wood and Glass Coffee Table Design Ideas 3 Wood and Glass Coffee Table Design Ideas

A wood and glass coffee table makes an elegant addition to a room. They are so simple, traditional and yet stylish. They're also safer in many cases, because some encase the glass, rather than leave sharp corners out for children to fall into.

1 - Wood Frame with Glass Top

There are a variety of options for a coffee table with a wood frame and glass top. To begin with, the glass tops can be round, rectangle or square. It can be set into the wood or stand alone on top. You have to choose what looks good to you, and take into consideration whether small children live with you. If you have to add rubber cushions to the corner, it can detract from the decor of the table. The wood frame can be hand carved by an artisan, or it can be a simple frame that you build. Cherry wood is a popular choice for wood frames.

2 - Shadow Box

If you'd like a storage solution with your coffee table, then a shadow box coffee table is for you. Many are a wood and glass coffee table combination, with a shelf underneath. Others have drawers and the glass tops allow you to see what's stored inside.

3 - Glass on Top of Wood Table

You can convert an existing wood table into a coffee table by putting glass on top. The decision to let it balance on its own, or use adhesive to secure it to the wood is up to you. Be creative when looking for glass. For example, you can recycle glass from an old screen door window to make your own unique coffee table.

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