3M 90 Adhesive

Forming a high-strength contact bond, 3M 90 adhesive is one of the many varieties of spray-on adhesives available from this manufacturer. Fast drying and used to make permanent bonds, 3M 90 works well with laminates, wood, polyethylene, polypropylene, foam and particleboard, among other materials. 3M 90 has a low soak-in rate, which means more of the adhesive stays on the surface of the material, leading to a better, stronger bond. Applied through an aerosol can, 3M 90 adhesive sprays precisely in a controlled lace pattern.

3M 90 Properties

3M 90 uses a synthetic elastic polymer for its base material mixed with several solvents to keep it fluid. The adhesive is clear when wet and dry, so there is no worry of staining materials. Adjust the width of the spray from 1 to 3 inches. For extra-strong holds, apply a double coat of 3M 90 to both surfaces, spraying in a crisscross pattern.

Product Application

Be sure to clean and dry all surfaces before you apply 3M 90 adhesive. For ideal bonding conditions, the adhesive itself as well as the surfaces to be joined should be around 65 degrees F. Always apply adhesive to both surfaces and make the bond between them while the spray-on adhesive is tacky.