3m Duct Tape

Like the general type, 3M duct tape is a type of multipurpose pressure-sensitive tape made of reinforced polyethylene. 3M has taken the basic design of duct tape and enhanced it to create a number of special use tapes. While maintaining the same easy-to-tear material and strong adhesive, 3M has revolutionized duct tape by adapting it to specific needs. 3M offers transparent, no residue, heavy duty, extreme hold, outdoor painter's and poly hanging varieties of duct tape. 

3M Duct Tape Varieties

3M's extreme hold duct tape features a double-thick layer of adhesive, waterproof backing and a temperature rating of up to 200 degrees F. Useful for indoor and outdoor patching, transparent duct tape provides the same strength with a nearly invisible finish. No residue duct tape solves one of the biggest problems of the tape, for it is designed to leave no adhesive particles behind when removed. Heavy-duty, all-weather duct tape from 3M is UV resistant and fully waterproofed. Finally, outdoor painter's duct tape and poly hanging tape can be used to hang tarps and other sheeting as well as mask off areas for painting. 

3M Innovation

3M has been an industry-leading adhesive producer for nearly a century. Taking good products and making them better, 3M duct tape varieties provide you with exactly the kind of adhesive strength you need for a wide range of applications.