3m Electrical Tape

Powerful, easy to apply and highly conformable, 3M electrical tape is engineered to stay flexible in all types of weather. In addition, it is designed to be UV-resistant, flame retardant and resist abrasions, corrosion and damage from acidic or base chemicals. 3M offers Scotch-brand Super 33+ Premium Vinyl electrical tape, the professional-grade Scotch 35 electrical tape and Scotch 88 electrical tape. Each type is designed for a special use when working with electrical wiring. 

3M Electrical Tape Products

Scotch Super 33+ electrical tape is the standard bearer of 3M's electrical tape line. Flexible yet very strong, this pressure-sensitive tape is the basic product used by professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. Scotch Vinyl 35 electrical tape is available in as many as 9 UV-resistant colors for easy identification of cables and phases. The heavy-duty Scotch 88 electrical tape works in all weather and provides exactly what a professional needs for the most stringent applications. 

Special Use Electrical Tape Items

For splicing and/or terminating wires, use 3M's Linerless Splicing Compound 2242, a malleable rubber insulating tape. 3M also offers glass cloth electrical tapes comprised of woven glass cloth. At high temperatures, this product provides insulation and mechanical protection. For whatever your electrical tape needs, professional or private, 3M provides the perfect solution.