3m Foil Tape

Useful for sealing, reflecting light and heat or for thermal conductivity, 3M foil tape is made of aluminum and features a pressure-sensitive adhesive made of acrylic that dries transparent. Effective for a wide variety of uses including masking aircraft paint stripping, serving as a moisture barrier and/or securing wires and coils in place on home appliances and repairing metal tears on various vehicles, 3M foil tape has a high tensile strength and is useful over a large temperature range. 

Foil Tape Applications

3M foil tape can be used to reflect heat and/or light from sensitive materials so damage and hot-spots do not occur. In addition, foil tape is fully flame resistant. To maximize heating or cooling efficiency, foil tape can be used on furnaces, water heaters and air conditioners thanks to its thermal conductivity. Good for outdoor use as well, foil tape is UV-resistant as well as moisture and solvent resistant. 

Added Properties

With its temperature range of -65 to 300 degrees F, 3M foil tape can be used almost anywhere. Upon application, the surface in question should be clean and dry. 3M foil tape uses a powerful acrylic adhesive which, combined with the aluminum backing provide a long period of service whether indoors or out.