3m Glue

3M glue includes a very diverse selection of adhesives of all types, from hot melt glue, foam and plastic glue to high-strength spray-on adhesives. Moreover, 3M offers epoxy, dental, carpet, automotive and industrial adhesives. To list the complete 3M glue product line would require a lot of space. Suffice to say that 3M is one of the world's leading adhesive producers and offers just about every type you can imagine. The most common types of 3M glues include spray-on adhesives, superglues, automotive glues and epoxies, although each type enjoys wide specialized use. 

3M All-Purpose Glues

All-purpose glues are useful for the widest variety of applications, from affixing photographs to matte board to adhering foam to fabric. There is an almost unlimited number of uses for 3M adhesives. Once such all-purpose adhesive is Super 77 spray-on glue. Forming a strong bond with paper, fabric, foam, cardboard, plastic, wood and metal, Super 77 is great for crafts, light repair around the house and bonding thin materials. It's clean, easily applied and fast drying, forming a strong tack and barely soaking in, making it great for porous materials like foam. 

Specific Glue Applications

3M's Scotch-Weld epoxies are thermosetting adhesives, forming an irreversible, 100% solid bond. 3M produces a variety of epoxy adhesives, useful for metal-to-metal bonding. Both one-part and two-part epoxy adhesives are available. Epoxy adhesives create a bond that may actually be stronger than the bonded parts. 

Other Glues

Other 3M glues that enjoy common use include Scotch-brand superglue, glue sticks for school or office use and a variety of spray adhesives. Also available are several types of woodworking adhesives including hot melt glue, solvent and water-based adhesives and cylinder spray adhesives for larger-scale use. 

Basically, 3M produces virtually every type of adhesive available today, whether it is used domestically, commercially or industrially. Peruse their product line for yourself and you will gain a better understanding of what 3M glues are available and how best to use them.