3m Hot Melt Glue

Designed to form a powerful bond on wood, upholstery, cardboard, foam board, certain plastics and other lightweight materials, 3M hot melt glue comes in the form of solid yet flexible sticks. Applied with a hot melt applicator, also called a hot glue gun, 3M hot melt glue is quickly melted, transforming into a semi-solid, semi-liquid adhesive which can be directed easily with the applicator gun. Hot melt glue can be heated to a low or to a high temperature depending on the application.


3M hot melt glue sticks are thermoplastic, thermosetting adhesives that harden quite quickly after application. Known as 3M Scotch-Weld products, they are available in clear- and tan-drying varieties. High-temp glue sticks are designed to withstand higher exposure to heat, while low-temp hot glue sticks are used in heat-sensitive situations. 

Hot Melt Glue Applications

Hot melt glue is commonly used when making crafts, art projects and building models. For commercial use, hot melt glue is used to seal boxes and other packaging materials. Hot melt glue is compatible for use with beadboard and chipboard too. Industrial strength hot melt glue is often dispensed at a large scale using bulk systems. 

Whether at home or at work, hot melt glue can cause irritation to the skin as well as severe thermal burns, so the utmost care should be taken when working with the adhesive.