3m Masking Tape

3M masking tape includes a large number of products each with a specific use. Pressure sensitive like many tapes, 3M masking tape consists of crepe masking tape, fine line masking tape, flatback paper tape, specialty masking tape and standard hand masking tape. Of these products, hand masking tape is used by painters and contractors to effectively block off sections for painting. The other types of 3M masking tape are used for painting as well but enjoy a more particular function.

Masking Tape Varieties

3M fine line masking tape is made of polypropylene plastic film with a rubber adhesive. Fine line tape is used when delicately painted lines are a must. Crepe masking tape also features a rubber adhesive. It is available in both medium and high-temperature varieties as well as a weather-resistent type. For auto refinishing, a different type of 3M masking tape is used that adheres to a car body's curves and contours. 

Speciality Masking Tape

Other types of 3M masking tape have more specific uses. Outdoor poly masking tape is made of durable polyethylene film with a synthetic rubber adhesive. UV resistant and clean removing, it can stay in place for up to a month. Mask door jambs and other openings with 3M Soft Edge foam masking tape, while trim masking tape lifts up a vehicle's molding so paint can reach the entire body.