3m Packing Tape

The 3M packing tape selection consists of a variety of high strength tapes, box sealing tapes, padded tapes and narrow width tapes. Whether boxing up a package to mail or store, 3M has a packing tape that provides a strong adhesive up to the task. Filament tapes and strapping tapes have a high tensile strength and are useful for bundling items. Box sealing tapes are also quite useful, from cold temperature tapes to security packing tapes that greatly reduce the threat of package tampering.

Packing Tape Selection

3M packing tapes for sealing boxes and packages are made with polyester or polypropylene backings which are practically break- and split-resistant. The pressure-sensitive adhesive forms a tight bond and seals a package thoroughly. Narrow width packing film is used for non-critical applications such as with items inside a package. Backings are made from clear polypropylene or cellophane and feature a rubber or an acrylic adhesive. 

Other 3M Packing Products

3M also offers other types of packing products including heat shrinkable film, colored film tape, high-performance cellophane tape and transparent film for inside-package uses. 3M packing tape can either be applied solely by hand or with the aid of a 3M dispenser. In addition to packing tapes, 3M offers a variety of labels, applicators and case-sealing equipment for your convenience.