3M Plastic Adhesive

Cured with moisture but applied while warm, 3M plastic adhesive has a low viscosity rating, medium-range open time and is specifically designed to bond plastics. Thin lines of glue may be visible after the adhesive has cured, so it is ideal for bonding plastics where the joint will be concealed. 3M plastic adhesive is a high tack product that forms strong bonds. Use it with a variety of plastics. Comprised of 100% solid base materials, no solvents are required, reducing odors and problems associated with inhalants.


3M plastic adhesive is applied at temperatures of 230 degrees F. It applies white and cures in an off-white color. The time the adhesive takes to set is approximately 2 minutes, 15 seconds, although this will vary according to the temperature, humidity level and the thickness of the adhesive bead. Both plastic surfaces need to be fully cleaned of oil, grease, dirt and other debris before application.

3M Plastic Adhesive Options

The manufacturer offers several types of plastic adhesives including the 2665, 2669 and 2679B varieties. 2665 adhesive is best suited for bonding plastics, while 2669 works to bond plastic to metal as well as to other plastics. 2679B dries black and is useful with glass, plastics and metal.