3m Scotch Tape

From the company that devised so many useful adhesive products, 3M Scotch tape has been in constant use for nearly 100 years. Scotch tape is actually a trademarked name by the 3M company. The general product is a type of pressure sensitive adhesive comprised primarily of cellophane. Fully transparent, 3M Scotch tape comes in several different varieties including single-sided and double-sided, specialty gift wrapping tapes and mounting tapes. It is used primarily for lightweight applications such as wrapping presents, posting notes, hanging posters and patching tears in paper. 

3M Scotch Tape Dispensers

Unlike many other tapes which are sold in rolls and utilized by pulling off a section of a particular length, Scotch tape most commonly comes in prefabricated dispenser, another 3M design. The dispenser allows for easy access to a length of tape and provides a small jagged edge on which to tear the tape. Refill rolls of Scotch tape are sold as well for use in desktop dispensers purchased elsewhere. 

Scotch Tape Types

Scotch Magic tape is practically an industry standard. This matte-finish adhesive is transparent on paper, although it's cloudy on the roll. In addition to basic office uses, Scotch tape works well for assembling mattes when framing pictures. Other types of 3M Scotch tape include gift wrap, packaging and mounting tapes.