3m Tape

The 3M tape selection is incredibly diverse and includes products found in homes, offices, warehouse and all manner of industrial work areas. 3M produces virtually all types of adhesive tape, from home and office Scotch tape to masking tape, metal foil tape and packing tape. Whether for a specific use or just to have around the house, 3M provides a full range of products to meet every need. 

3M Tape Varieties

3M offers all types of packing tape including carton sealing and filament tapes. For professional and multipurpose use, a wide selection of masking tapes are available for home, automotive and detail painting. 3M produces standard, long term and high-temp masking tape varieties. Vinyl tape, too, is a useful adhesive, ideal for color coding, marking traffic lanes and other uses. Non-adhesive vinyl tape is available as well. For a variety of applications, 3M offers several different kinds of duct tape, from heavy-duty all-weather duct tape to standard water-resistant duct tape. Other tape products from 3M include aluminum foil tape, electrical tape, foam tape, PTFE or Teflon heat sealing tape and glass cloth tape.


Depending on the tape, different properties are present. The bulk of 3M tapes are pressure sensitive, meaning that a small amount of force is necessary to get it to stick. Many 3M tapes including duct tape are water and high temperature resistant. Aluminum tape is heat and light reflective, a good thermal conductor and resistant to water and solvents. Vinyl tape is abrasion and corrosion resistant. It comes in up to 9 colors and won't fade. Thread seal tape helps to make pipe fittings airtight and waterproof, while foam tape is available with both single and double-sided adhesive and is a great padded adhesive choice. 

Office Tape

3M makes a complete line of office supply tapes which is nearly invisible when applied. Office tape is great for repairing torn paper, holding matte board pieces together and countless other uses. At work or at home, 3M tape features quality engineering and wide-ranging adaptability.