3m Teflon Tape

Known alternatively as thread seal tape, PTFE tape or plumber's tape, 3M Teflon tape wraps around the male thread end of a pipe. Once screwed into place in the female end, an air and waterproof seal is formed between the threads thanks in part to the wedge action of the tapered threads. 3M is a very diverse company that produces a full range of adhesive products. 3M Teflon tape is yet another testament to the innovation and engineering prowess of this storied brand. 

3M Teflon Tape Properties

Made of woven glass cloth that has been infused with polytetrafluorethylene or PTFE for short, 3M Teflon tape is remarkably durable in addition to creating an airtight seal around a pipe fitting. Using a silicone adhesive, 3M's PTFE tape has a high tensile strength, adheres well to steel and is suitable for use in a temperature range of nearly -100 degrees F to almost 400 degrees F. 3M Teflon tape absorbs almost no moisture and is resistant to tearing. 


Apply 3M Teflon tape on clean, dry and non-dusty surfaces in a non-freezing environment. The product is commonly used to heat seal machines such as packaging, pressing and ironing equipment. The Teflon tape from 3M is long-lasting, high impact and resistant to punctures, although it features a smooth, low-friction surface.