3m Vinyl Tape

Whether to identify aisles, color code areas, mark hazard areas or for other uses, 3M vinyl tape provides solutions for all of these needs and more. Constructed from conformable vinyl and available in 9 colors as well as a transparent variety, 3M vinyl tape features a pressure sensitive rubber adhesive. Vinyl tape may be used as a substitute for masking tape when needing to paint fine lines. Not only does 3M vinyl tape possess remarkable visual attributes, it can also seal seams along surfaces.


3M has designed its vinyl tape products with "color throughout" construction. In a practical sense, this means it is scrape, wear, chemical and weather resistant. Available colors include purple, yellow, white, red, orange, green, brown, blue, black and transparent. Even along irregular surfaces, the high conformability of vinyl tape enables it to bond well. Removal is easy and clean, while the tape possesses incredible dead stretch properties. 


Uses for 3M vinyl tape include protecting various surface types against chemical spills, marking off lanes or pathways in warehouses, workshops and factories and even adding a colorful trim around a surface. Whatever its use, 3M vinyl tape seals the surface upon which it is applied. 3M vinyl tape is rated for use in temperatures ranging from 40 to 170 degrees F.