4 Advantages of a Front Door Awning

Adding a front door awning to your home adds immediate curb appeal while offering protection from the elements. What might not be so obvious is that it can save money on your energy bills while increasing the long-term value of your investment. Below are 4 tangible benefits to installing a front door awning.

1. Saves Money on Energy Bills

By blocking rays from the sun a front door awning will lower your energy bills by reducing the heat that enters the home. This is especially true if the front of your house has direct exposure to the sun during the heat of the day. An awning can reduce the heat that enters your home by up to 80 percent which will eventually create a return on your investment. Likewise in the winter, an awning will block chilling winds and icy cold, reducing heating expenses.

2. Protects from the Elements

The most obvious advantage of a front door awning is that it provides protection from the elements. Whether you are standing in front of the door searching for your keys in a downpour or your guests are waiting for you to answer the door on a scorching hot day, an awning is both welcoming and practical. Over time your front door and steps will be less susceptible to rotting and the effects of wear and tear.

3. Protects Assets Inside the Home

A less obvious but equally important advantage to adding a front door awning is that it protects your furniture and other items in your living areas. Because the awning blocks harmful UV sun rays from entering the home, your rugs, wall paint, art and other belongings will be spared the fading and damage that direct sun can cause.

4. Improves Curb Appeal

A front door awning can create a distinct visual upgrade to the exterior of your home, especially if you have chosen one that matches and enhances your home's architectural style. An awning can also provides a pleasant, protected outdoor space for you to sit a spell as well as creating a warm welcome for your guests. And don't forget that curb appeal is money in the bank when you decide to sell your home.