4 Advantages of an Apron Front Sink

Apron front sinks are hard to miss if they're installed in a bathroom or kitchen. They're uniquely designed to stick out, with the counter top running into its side. In a bathroom, it looks like a mouth coming out of the cabinet. Apron front sinks give an antique and country feel to a bathroom and for this reason are growing in popularity. Here are 4 advantages to installing these sinks:

1. Durability

Most apron front sinks are made from durable materials, such as fireclay, cast iron, copper and stainless steel. You won't have to worry about wear and tear and chips on your sink, or the need to replace it in only a couple of years. These can last you a lifetime. Modern sinks that are made of less durable materials don't hold up as well, and you have to replace them over the years. Even though it will require more of an investment up front, they are worth the money.

2. Depth

An apron front sink has more depth than modern and traditional bathroom sinks. You can have many uses for a larger basin. For example, if you prefer to hand wash some of your clothing, such as underwear, or if you need to pre-soak clothes and other towels before washing, you'll have ample space in your bathroom sink. Most bathroom sinks don't offer that flexibility because they're not deep enough. You can also wash and soak tools and other items in the bathroom sink.

3. Style

Having an apron front sink in your bathroom is sure to make a statement because they are attractive and can make an old bathroom look stylish. If you're looking for a fixture to help with your bathroom makeover, then this might be the sink for you, as long as you weigh the costs to install one. The sink will require custom installation to work around your cabinets, and if you can't do it yourself, then the costs to install can be a bit costly.

4. Comfort

You can rest your arms easily on an apron front sink, because it's designed to protrude from the bathroom cabinet. This makes for a more comfortable sink experience, which makes a difference over time, considering the many times you use the bathroom sink throughout the day. You also don't have to bend over the sink as much, because it comes out as opposed to sinks built in the middle of the cabinetry.

Whether you want your bathroom to be reminiscent of an old farmhouse, or appreciate the durability, comfort and flexibility of a large sink, an apron front sink is sure to please as it provides all of these and more. You will have to hire help if custom cabinetry is not your strong suit, so keep this in mind in addition to the costs of the actual sink.