4 Advantages of an Individual Throttle Body

An individual throttle body is the best part in naturally aspirated vehicles or in ones that are turbocharged. Its response and efficient functioning is not only unique, but also unmatched by anything similar. Individual throttle bodies are generally restricted to high end cars like the BMW and Nissan Skyline or the Formula One racing machines. If costs are no problem, an individual throttle body has several advantages that place it at a rank much higher than the single throttle cousins.

Increased Volumetric Efficiency

An engine’s capacity to take in air and fuel is referred to as volumetric efficiency. Theoretically, an engine of 500 cubic inches should be able to inhale the same volume of air with every revolution. But due to pumping losses combined with efficiency declination, this number is brought down to about 400 cubic inches. An individual throttle body comes to the rescue at this very point. It pushes more air into the car engine, hence increases the volumetric efficiency. Individual throttle bodies allow efficiency to reach up to more than cent percent.

Higher Throttle Response

A major advantage of having an individual throttle body is that it enhances the throttle response. With such bodies, there is rapid wave bouncing due to which there is ample pressure always to help cover a lag between the point when the throttle opens up and the point where the valve enters into the cylinder. The increased throttle response is also a result of the presence of a normal manifold in the body, with a huge open area called plenum. This is located just in front of the intake runners. On the opening of the throttle, that area must get de-pressured so that extra air does not enter the cylinder. In case of an individual throttle body there is very little space between the plate of the throttle body and the intake valve. Therefore, the throttle response in such bodies is instantaneous.

More Power

For individual throttle bodies, the air flow in the engine is more efficient which results in freeing up of the power and complimenting of high lift cams and very high levels of power boost in the engines. The engine thus, has more usable power.

Pressure Waves

The air must get decelerated in order to stop or accelerate to keep going. Mass means that all the inertia is not lost while hitting anything like the back portion of the intake valve. In an individual throttle body, on closure of the valve, the mass of the air causes compression and hence, the air bounces back with force as a sonic shockwave. On reaching a particular point, the wave turns around and races back towards the valve meant for intake.

An individual throttle body is a costly investment for an engine, but they do make vehicles world class if installed. After all, a Hayabusa or a Nissan is not easily replaceable by their single throttle bodied contemporaries.