4 Advantages of Installing a Faucet Sprayer

A faucet sprayer is a must-have kitchen accessory, whether it's a pullout kitchen sink faucet sprayer or a side sprout sprayer. Doing basic kitchen chores without one can cost you time and pain. You'll appreciate the many advantages that a faucet sprayer has to offer.

Advantage #1 - Extend Kitchen Faucet Capability

When you don't have a faucet sprayer, your work is limited to what you can do in the sink underneath the kitchen faucet, and that can be frustrating for certain types of jobs. For example, if you've ever tried washing a large stock pot in a sink without a sprayer, you understand that it's a hassle trying to cram the pot into the sink and fill it with water. You won't have that problem with a faucet sprayer. You can leave a pot on the counter and fill it with water using the sprayer. There are also other benefits to having a faucet that can extend like a pullout kitchen sink faucet sprayer, such as:

  • Spray kitchen walls that are close by to wash them
  • Fill buckets on the floor
  • Fill pet water bowls
  • Water houseplants

Some pullout faucet sprayers can extend as much as 24 inches or more.

Advantage #2 - Ability to Multi-Task When Doing Chores

Some kitchen tasks that require two or more steps can be shortened with a faucet sprayer. A faucet sprayer only requires you to use one hand, and it's easy to control the water without the use of both hands. That allows you to accomplish two-step tasks in one step. For example, you can spray water on the surface of the kitchen counter and scrub as you go along to clean it. Without it, you would have to fill a pan with water first, scrub the counter and fill the pan with rinse water. That's three steps that can be done in one step with a faucet sprayer.

Advantage #3 - Makes Food Preparation Convenient

Another advantage of installing a faucet sprayer is that it makes some food preparation convenient. Once you install one, you'll simplify some of your food preparation tasks, such as:

  • Washing fruits and vegetables
  • Washing pasta
  • Filling pots with water for boiling
  • Rinsing rice

It's easier to control the water rate with a faucet sprayer, than it is to use the kitchen faucet.

Advantage #4 – Saves Water

You can use the faucet sprayer for rinse and washing purposes as you need it instead of just turning on the kitchen faucet and letting the water run. It’s much easier to remember to conserve water using faucet sprayer. If you want to conserve water in order to save on your water and electricity bills, then buying a faucet sprayer will pay dividends.

These advantages should motivate you to install a faucet sprayer. You’ll maximize your time and perhaps cut it down by simplifying tasks, and you’ll have  more time to do other things as a result.