4 Advantages of Owning a Vinyl Picket Fence

A vinyl picket fence, with minimal disadvantages, can prove to be a better choice for many homes than any other type of fence. While they are not flawless, vinyl fences have advantages that other fences simply cannot provide. The main advantage to vinyl fences is their durability. Vinyl fences are very unlikely to encounter problems serious enough to require any sort of repairs or replacements. Additionally, they are relatively inexpensive when compared to other types of picket fences. The combination of these two factors gives them many unique positive features. What follows should help you to understand in greater detail the main advantages of owning a vinyl fence for yourself.

Damage Resistant

Vinyl fences are resistant to a wide variety of types of damage. First, and probably most importantly, vinyl fences are nearly impervious to damage from water as well as the problems that come with it. Vinyl does not rot no matter how moist it gets, and cannot become infested with termites and other pests. Because of vinyl's resistance to moisture, mold and mildew are also on the list of common problems an owner of a vinyl fence can safely ignore.

Additionally, vinyl fences are less likely to take serious damage from other sources as well. Problems such as weathering and damage from extreme heat or cold are very uncommon in vinyl fences. Vinyl's resistance to extreme temperatures also makes it less likely to crack.

In this sense, a vinyl fence has a huge advantage over a wooden fence. Any of these types of damage can spell costly repairs, or even replacements, for a picket fence made of wood. However, a vinyl fence will almost always survive any small accidents or problems of these kinds.

Long Lasting

Vinyl fences have a much longer life expectancy than other types of fences. Because of their resistance to weathering, accumulated damage such as rust after a scratch, and damage from being exposed to the elements, vinyl fences last much longer than their counterparts. Vinyl fences, short of extremely unlikely accidents, have a tendency to outlast other types of fences by many years, even if less effort goes into their maintenance.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl fences require little to no maintenance. Wood and metal fences require repainting and sealing to avoid damage. Even a small amount of paint or sealant cracking or chipping away from a wood or metal fence can lead to serious problems, and may even require the fence to be removed and replaced. This is expensive due to both the labor intensive nature of such a procedure, and the materials required to replace the old fence. Because of this, maintaining other fences regularly is very important. However, the owner of a vinyl fence does not have to worry about such procedures, as vinyl picket fences do not accumulate damage as easily as other types.

Cost Effective

Despite the long lasting, durable nature of vinyl fences, they are relatively inexpensive to purchase. This makes them a very economical choice, as they have an even lower cost per year in comparison to other types of fences.