4 Advantages of Using a Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

A dual hose portable air conditioner is a nearly self-contained, free standing air conditioning unit that generally has wheels on the bottom for greater portability. They are most often used for smaller enclosed spaces, although they can also be used to cool off your home and garage, as well. A portable air conditioner only requires a place to install the exhaust hose which blows out the hot air from the motor, but you can set them any place you desire. There are a number of advantages to using a dual hose portable air conditioner.


One of the greatest advantages of a dual hose air conditioning unit is its portability. Most of them are 2-3 feet tall. They generally have wheels on the bottom so you can roll the unit wherever you may need. They also have handles on the sides so that you can easily carry it to places you can't roll it. The only requirements for the location you place it is that there be an outlet to plug it into. It also requires a window for the exhaust.


The dual hose portable air conditioner comes with an exhaust hose that comes out of the back, similar to the hose that comes out of the back of a dryer. They both serve the same purpose: to expel the hot air produced by the motor. You can install the air conditioner's hose in a window easily using the installation kit that is generally included with the unit. If you don't want a hose in your window, you can install a duct in the wall near where you want the unit to sit. The latter method will provide a better seal, and the hose will be less obtrusive, but it requires more work. In either case, installation is easier than if you were installing a central air conditioning unit. 

Multiple Functions

Something window air conditioning units and dual hose units have in common is they both act as dehumidifiers. Dual hose units serve that role better since many of them have built-in dehumidifying functions. They generally have a tub at the bottom that collects the water they pull from the air which needs to be emptied periodically. By dehumidifying the air, the air conditioning unit more effectively cools the air, since dry air holds colder temperatures better. 

Also, many dual hose air conditioners have built-in air purifiers. They have an air filter which filters out larger particles in the air, including dust, smoke, and other harmful elements. 


While a window air conditioning unit will generally be cheaper than a dual hose unit, the dual hose unit is inexpensive. The price point differences are significant. They also provide more energy efficiency and will reduce your power consumption, saving you even more money.