4 Advantages of Using a Pneumatic Caulking Gun

A pneumatic caulking gun can be advantageous for many projects. Most of the air-powered caulk guns will take standard tubes of caulk, so it makes it easy to use. Here are just a few of the reasons you may find these tools beneficial.

A pneumatic caulk gun is typically quite a bit more expensive than the standard caulk guns. They start at around $100, and the professional grade varieties can run several hundred. Depending on your needs, it may be worth the investment.

1. Precision

Some projects require precision with caulking. Windows, shower doors, and other projects that need to remain watertight need to have the caulk placed close to perfectly for the job to be done right. Using too little caulk will end up making a weak seal, and may not provide the support necessary. The pneumatic caulk gun can be used in these situations. Instead of dealing with re-caulking areas that may not have gotte n even coverage, the gun can be set to control the flow. This means the right amount of caulk is used each time, and the application will be more even.

2. Faster Work

Caulking with a standard caulk gun can be tedious. You have to take your time, and try your best to control the amount of caulk being used. It can also cause strain on your fingers and wrists when working with larger projects. Since the pneumatic gun forces caulk through without much effort, the project can be completed faster and with little strain.

3. Less Waste

Most pneumatic guns have adjustable regulators. This will control the amount of caulk being used, and help to eliminate drips and other wasted caulk. Even if the gun you choose needs special cartridges that are more expensive than a tube of caulk, it still saves money in the long run. Most guns can accommodate standard 10- or 14-ounce tubes of caulk, making it more economical to use the gun.

4. More Applications

With the pneumatic gun, you can purchase special tips to allow you to use the gun on multiple applications. This means one tool will allow you to work on your car, boat, windows, bathroom, wood projects, and anything else that would require a caulk gun. The pneumatic guns that use the standard tubes or cartridges are also easier to clean. This means if you need to switch between projects and use different kinds of caulk, transitioning from one type to another is simple.

If you are the average person who uses caulk for small basic upgrades, such as recaulking a bathtub, a pneumatic gun may not be worth the extra cost. But for the serious do-it-yourselfer, this tool can make your projects much easier and will be worth the cost.