4 Advantages of Using a Silicone Adhesive in High Temperatures

Silicone adhesive is used all over the world in thousands of applications. Silicone adhesive can be used in the home for plumbing and in construction work. Silicone adhesive excels in high temperature applications. Below you will find several advantages of using silicone adhesive in high temperature applications.

1. Will Not Burn

Silicone adhesive that is formulated for high temperature applications will not burn. Meaning, it will not catch on fire. This is especially important when used in mechanical and computer applications.

2. Expansion and Contraction

In order to compensate for the high temperature, silicone adhesive will expand outward before it melts. This will maintain the adhesive properties of the silicone. The silicone adhesive will then contract back into shape will little to no permanent expansion once it cools. This makes it perfect for use with computer chips.

3. Melt and Reset

Silicone adhesive, when heated past its limit, will melt instead of burn. When silicone adhesive melts, it will typically stay in place. It will not run, and as soon as the temperature cools down, the silicone adhesive will reset and harden.

4. Cost

Silicone adhesive is a very versatile product used in many applications. Despite its great qualities, silicone adhesive is one of the least expensive on the market.