4 Advantages of Using a Stainless Steel Chimney Cap

If you are looking put a cap on your chimney, consider using a stainless steel chimney cap. Not only will it provide the necessary functions involved in keeping your home safe and up to code, but it offers several advantages that put it ahead of other options. It is one of the most popular types of chimney caps and available not only for it’s primary functions of keeping out rain, snow and critters, and protecting your home from chimney sparks, but also available with a variety of upgrades that can help you save on your utility bill and provide an attractive element to your roof. Here are 4 of the advantages to using stainless steel:

1 - No Rust, No Fuss

As opposed to black painted steel, and other galvanized metal options available, stainless steel maintains it’s silver gleam through all sorts of weather and wear. This means that it will not stain your chimney or roof, even after years of use. This is also important in regards to safety, as rust can break down the screens that keep out the elements, or allow small animals into your chimney. Caps that rust can also come loose, or break into pieces as they wear, but stainless steel will remain intact and secure for years to come.

2 - Many Options

Since stainless steel caps are the preferred chimney cap to use, your options are endless. Find a cap that is the right size and fit for your chimney is much easier that with a less traditional material, and you have your choice of manufacturers, so you can be picky going over warranties and prices. To get an edge of the competitors, some manufacturers offer stainless steel caps in special finishes, or custom designs so you can add a personal touch to your home.

3 - Last a Lifetime

While galvanized chimney caps need to be replaced due to deterioration every 3 to 5 years, a stainless steel cap generally comes with a lifetime guarantee. That means you are assured constant working use of your cap for as long as you’re using your chimney. While some maintenance may be required, to clear away any obstructions blocking the screens of your cap, this is a very smart move for your wallet.

4 - Bonus Features

With all the options available for a stainless steel chimney, it isn’t surprising that some of them can do more than a standard cap. There are now stainless steel caps available to reduce drafts in your home and even harness wind power to provide a stronger updraft from your fireplace. These tight fitted caps can reduce your energy bills and assist in keeping your fireplace safe and clean.

With all the benefits to a stainless steel cap, they far outweigh the other options available. Keeping your home safe, your chimney functional and never needing replacement makes stainless steel the optimal choice for chimney caps. And if that is not enough, they can add some style to your home as well.