4 Advantages of Using a Swamp Cooler Cover

Using a swamp cooler cover has many advantages. If you are deciding whether or not it is the right choice for you, here is a little information for guidance.

Advantage 1 - Protection from Sun

Having a cover can help to protect the cooler from sun. This not only keeps it from beaming right on, it also keeps the outside and paint from fading and chipping. This can help to lengthen the overall life of the cooler.

Advantage 2 - Keeps Rust Away

Rust and weather wear and tear is prevented through the cover of the swamp cooler. This way you can keep it safe when it is raining or even snowing and the paint and metal are protected.

Advantage 3 - Slows Down Loss of Heat

Having a cover on the swamp cooler keeps it from loosing a lot of heat. This way your cooler works more efficiently over time.

Advantage 4 - Reduces Noise

A cover can also reduce noise and keep the cooler from bothering any activities going around it. You can also place a pillow near the ceiling vent that can help to reduce noise along with the cover.

All of these are great reasons why a cover for your swamp cooler is a great idea.