4 Advantages of Using a Turbine Sprinkler

If you dread standing in the middle of your yard with a water hose and nozzle watering your lawn, you may want to look into buying a turbine sprinkler. A turbine sprinkler is one that uses water pressure to spin a small wheel gear (turbine), which in turn oscillates or rotates the sprinkler so that water can be sprayed on a lawn at different angles and in different areas without the need for intervention from the person that turned on the sprinkler. Turbine sprinklers come in many forms, such as oscillating sprinklers, spinning sprinklers or other types of automatic sprinklers that help you save time watering your landscape. Here are some of the biggest advantages of turbine sprinklers.

Available in Many Variations

Regardless of the size and shape of your yard, there is a turbine sprinkler system you can use to water it. Turbine sprinklers come in an almost endless number of designs that can be used in various applications. For instance, if you have a small yard or space that you want to water, a small oscillating sprinkler is more than adequate for spaces up to about 50 square meters.

On the other hand, there are industrial-strength turbine sprinklers that are used to irrigate or water large fields. For example, if you've ever visited a baseball or football field and seen the sprinkler hoses pulled out into the middle of the field, you probably noticed that the sprinklers shoot water over great distances and cover large amounts of area with water in a single pass. These powerful sprinklers are also turbine sprinklers that use water pressure to change the direction and angle of the water.

Saves You Time When Watering Your Lawn

With a turbine sprinkler, you simply need to place the sprinkler in the area you want to water, turn on the water pressure and then walk away. The hardest part about using a turbine sprinkler is remembering to walk outside and turn it off. However, the sprinkler itslef requires very little intervention on your part, except when you want to move the sprinkler into a new area. Then, you simply need to pick up the hose and sprinkler and place it in the new location to be watered.

Cheaper Than Built-In Irrigation Systems

Although you do need to remember to go out and turn off the turbine water sprinkler, it is certainly much less expensive than built-in automatic irrigation systems. An in-ground irrigation system that will automatically turn itself on and off is the ultimate in convenience when it comes to watering your lawn. However, this type of system can also cost several thousand dollars. A small oscillating water sprinkler may only cost $5 to $10.

Can Also Be Used for Minerals and Nutrients for Your Yard

You can also use turbine water sprinklers to give your lawn additional minerals and nutrients. Simply attach a chemical bulb container between the water hose and turbine sprinkler, and you have an automatic watering system that will spray additional nutrients onto the grass in your yard. This will help keep your grass greener and more beautiful all year round.