4 Advantages of Using an Electric Pool Heater

An electric pool heater is one of the most popular devices for keeping pool water warm during the winter. Also known as a heat pump, an electric pool heater warms up your pool by sucking some water into a heating tank and then pumping the warm water back into your pool. The constant exchange of warm and cold water keeps your pool fit for swimming even during the winter. Below are some of the advantages of an electric pool heater over other types of pool heaters.

1. Availability and Price

Like solar- and propane gas-powered heaters, the electric pool heater is readily available in the market. In fact, you can easily find a reliable pool heater for a very reasonable price. Prices of electric pool heaters vary depending on size, capacity and special features but you can easily find a reliable pool heater that costs about $500 to $1,000. At these prices, the electric heater is a lot cheaper than the solar powered pool heater. Note that most types of solar powered heaters require complicated set ups that can cost you several hundred dollars.

2. Energy Efficiency

This type of pool heating system is more reliable and efficient compared to other types of pool heating systems. Although electric heaters are a bit more expensive than the traditional gas powered heaters, it consumes less energy than the gas powered type so you end up spending less money on your heating bills. In the long run, your electric pool heater will cost you a lot less than the traditional propane gas-powered heaters. Moreover, an electric heater does not emit carbon dioxide like the gas powered heater so you get to help reduce the amount of carbon in the air.

Compared to a solar powered pool heater, the electric pool heater may be less energy efficient. However, during the winter when the sun does not come out so often, your solar powered pool heater may not serve you well. In the end, you still get more benefits from an electric powered pool heater than the solar pool heater.

3. Safe Use

A properly installed electric pool heater is safe to use so you can feel free to use your swimming pool anytime you want. To ensure safety, you can install an auto shut-off system and a digital programmable thermostat on your pool to help you keep track of the temperature of the water. When your pool water reaches your preferred temperature level, your pool heater will automatically shut down so you get to save some money on your electricity bill.

4. Durability

Although electric-powered pool heaters are not known to last as long as solar powered heaters, they are more durable than the traditional gas powered pool heaters. When maintained properly, your can expect your pool heater to last for about 10 to 15 years without needing replacement. Propane gas-powered pool heaters on the other hand only last an average of 5 years.