4 Advantages to Installing a Crawlspace Vapor Barrier 4 Advantages to Installing a Crawlspace Vapor Barrier

There are definitely some advantages to installing a crawlspace vapor barrier in your home. Not only are they easy to install, but they are also known to raise the comfort level and reduce your home's operating costs. Read this brief information on the considerations around insulating a crawlspace.

Prevents Mold and Odor

The most common problem with uninsulated crawlspaces is that they create a high moisture level. By installing a vapor barrier, the moisture level can be greatly reduced, which will also prevent mold and foul odors from forming.


Since damp soil constitutes the floor of the crawl space, moisture rises to the first floor of the house. An insulated crawlspace will keep floors at comfortable temperatures in both the winter and summer. It is neither too cold nor too hot during those seasons.

Energy Efficiency and Lower Costs

Since the high moisture level in the crawlspace affects the temperature inside the home, the vapor barrier will act as a sealant by controlling the moisture, which will make it more energy efficient, thus lowering energy costs.

Protects Pipes

Crawlspace insulation also prevents pipes from bursting.

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