4 Advantages to Installing an Outdoor Water Fountain in a Lake

Adding an outdoor water fountain to your landscaping plan can increase the value of your home as well as provide a place of relaxation. Many people pay a lot of money to create a beautiful water feature on their property. If you are one of those people that have built a pond or lake on your property you can add an outdoor water fountain to it. The following article will share with you several of the advantages of having an outdoor water fountain in your existing body of water.

Stagnant Water

When you have a lake or pond on your property the water, without proper movement or filtration, can become stagnant. There are many problems associated with this happening. Stagnant water can cause many microorganisms to grow and fester which can potentially harm someone. This stagnant water problem will also attract many insects and other animals you may not want around your property. If you have ever encountered stagnant water in your basement you will notice a very bad odor associated with it. You will also notice a scummy surface. This scummy surface is the mold and bacteria forming. An outdoor water fountain is an important addition to a pond or lake because of stagnant water being a problem. The outdoor water fountain will cycle the water in the pond or lake which will prevent stagnant water from becoming an issue.

No More Bugs

Owning a pond or lake, whether man made or natural, comes with it several issues. One major problem is the fact that insects love water. And not just harmless insects like flies and gnats but more dangerous insects like wasps, bees and yellow jackets. These insects drink from the lake or bond and some feed off of the growing organisms. When you have running water you have fewer insects inhabiting the area. This is because the water is constantly churning making it difficult for life to grow in the water. It also makes it difficult for the insects to drink.

Added Value

It is common for homeowners to build a small pond or lake in their backyard. The feeling is that a large backyard will best serve a purpose as a focal point rather than something someone has to mow. A lake and pond can add easy value to the overall worth of the home. Adding an outdoor water fountain to the pond or lake can increase this value slightly as it means the homeowner will not have to tend to it by adding more chemicals than absolutely needed.

Relaxation Spot

A pond or lake makes for a great spot to relax in on hard days or when you just need a break from the busy life. An outdoor water fountain added to the lake or pond opens it up for many more possibilities. With the outdoor water fountain you can now add lights to the pond or lake and even music. The sound of the running water will bring with it many soothing nights sitting by the side of the pond or lake.