4 Advantages to Using a Sundial

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Just like your average wall clock or wristwatch, the sundial is a device that tells time, though its use is limited to between sunrise to sunset. A sundial has a stick or "style" in the middle that serves as its hour hand. The style points to the north and casts a shadow with varying lengths, positions, and angles, depending on how the sun appears in the sky. Technically, it is the earth's rotation on its own axis that really creates the change in the position of the sun. Although it would be convenient to wear wristwatches or just look at the wall clock to know the time, using the sundial can offer some advantages as well.

1. Environment Friendly

One advantage of using a sundial is that it is eco-friendly. Unlike the wall clock and watches, sundials do not require the use of dry cells or batteries—or even electricity. A sundial makes a more environmentally friendly tool than other timepieces.

2. A Tool That Can Last

Although a sundial is really just a simple tool, it can definitely stand the test of time. This simple technique of using a shadow of a stick to tell time was used by Eratosthenes to calculate the circumference of the Earth. With that vital information, it paved the way for more scientific discoveries in astronomy, geology, and even physics. As long as the sun is in the clear skies, and you have a stick or rod handy, you can test time. The sun is believed to be around 4.5 billion years old, and we can be sure many generations may still benefit from this simple technique.

3. A Magnificent Architectural Work


It may be true that small watches or wall clocks may be designed to achieve an elegant or sophisticated look to match the interior design of your house, but a sundial is simply majestic. The sundial’s simple elegance speaks for itself. It is a functional work of architecture that seems undisturbed by the chaos happening around it. It just stands there as dignified as ever, just minding its own work, effortlessly.

4. An Educational Tool

Remember when you were a small child and would wonder why there were stars and moon at night and sun during the day? With a sundial—whether in a park, plaza, or your own backyard, you may have the chance to explain some scientific concepts like the Earth's rotation. Looking at how the shadow changes every hour can be quite an interesting, exciting, and amazing experience for young students. Here, they will be able to personally see the hand of the clock moving in sync with the hour hand of your wristwatch.