4 Airless Sprayer Considerations

Painting a large area with an airless sprayer is one of the most effective and efficient painting styles. An airless sprayer uses an electric hydraulic pump to move the paint from the bucket through the spray nozzle. It takes a little getting used to, but once you have practiced with the airless sprayer, you can cover a lot of surface very quickly. When looking into using an airless sprayer there are some things you will need to consider. There are also several different types of airless sprayers from a mini sprayer to large commercial type sprayers. Before purchasing one of these different types of paint sprayers or doing a painting project, think about the following considerations.

Size of Project

The first thing to think about when doing any type of airless spraying project is the size of it. You can use an airless sprayer to paint anything from a wrought iron fence, to an entire house. The size of the sprayer must be matched up with the size of the room, or item, you are painting. A small mini sprayer that holds only about a pint of paint in the reservoir so a large project will mean a lot of time to stop and refill the cup. However, larger airless sprayers can become expensive.

Rent or Own?

Small projects like that of a fence, a ceiling, or even a small shed or building are great projects for a medium sized sprayer that can hold a quart of paint in the cup. However, painting a large room, or house will mean larger sprayers that have to be able to move large amounts of paint at a time. These sprayers get to be quite costly. Purchasing one might not be feasible if you are only using it for a few projects. Renting an airless sprayer will be much less costly. Usually a day or two will be all that is needed to complete your project. You will also receive instructions and insurance on the sprayer in case something happens to it.

Types of Paint Tips

Every job will also require a different type of paint nozzle. Painting a wrought iron fence will need to have a simple nozzle that provides a jet stream of paint. Painting a wall with your sprayer will require a nozzle that produces a flat, wide stream of paint. Coverage can be as small as a few inches, to as wide as 2 feet depending on the job.

Cleaning System

Some airless sprayers will need to be broken down completely and set in paint thinner in order to clean it. They have small parts and springs that can become stuck with old paint and cause inconsistencies with the paint that is applied. Some sprayers have a flushing system which will run the paint cleaner through the mechanisms and nozzle to clean it automatically.

Airless Sprayers for Small Projects

As a homeowner purchasing a small airless sprayer is a wise investment. You can quickly paint those items that are in need without having to have brushes and rollers. Before you do go purchase an airless sprayer, make sure you take into consideration the size of the project, renting or buying, type of paint and cleaning the system.