4 American Home Decor Ideas 4 American Home Decor Ideas

The concept of American home decor covers a variety of styles which range from American Shaker to patriotic styles and traditional shabby chic. The key theme in American home decor is its uniqueness. American home decor can also include metal badges from states in the US or football themes. The styles themselves can be diverse; the large bold colors of a football team would not be compatible with that of shaker furniture. However, these themes can be incorporated in different rooms.

American Shaker

The style of American home decor known as Shaker originated in a religious community that believed in rocking as they prayed. This style is very basic, often with a lot of sewing patterns in the fabric and hangings. You can purchase old stitched cloths, or make your own and hang them in frames. Furniture should be basic, although it is possible to buy modern versions of Shaker furniture, this can sometimes be rather expensive. Instead, copy patterns in books and online to create your authentic Shaker look. The American patriotism theme is also popular in some fields, and the color design for this scheme should be based around the bold colors of the American flag, including reds, whites and blues.

American Primitive

This style reflects the early European settlers in America, and their traditions and styles. Furniture should be unpainted woods, with sanded edges to represent wear and tear. The older these items look, the closer they are to American styles. Colors should be elegant, white and black preferably, with brown woods showing through on furniture and floors: quilts and rugs should appear freshly made, and not perfect. You can sometimes find American home decor in the primitive style from online stores.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic also originates in England, but is designed to reflect a more faded modern elegance. Old Victorian styles are typical items which can be used in shabby chic, along with vintage items such as old radios, biscuit tins and wall posters. Shabby chic items should often be distressed, so a painted cupboard with bare wood showing at the corners would make a perfect shabby chic item. Not all items in the room should be matched; shabby chic often encourages mismatched items. A good idea might be to take shaker and American primitive styles to use as ornaments, along with 50's style furniture or drapes. Color schemes revolve around whites and creams, with simple pastels for emphasis.

American Relaxed

Another style which is becoming more popular is American, relaxed style. This style relates to the classic American period, after the Second World War, and features basics of American home life such as sports, music and culture. A typical design might include posters or ornaments from baseball or football, with pictures or starlets. Reproduction film posters are very popular in this design, particularly those for 'B' movies featuring monsters and aliens. The color theme would be retro, with walls in light pinks, or with flock wallpaper, and furniture designed for use and comfort. Retro items are increasingly used in design, and should appear worn, but not shabby or distressed.

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