4 Apple Tree Types You Can Grow

Once upon a time, if you wanted grow your own apple tree, your options were fairly limited. Now, thanks to genetic splicing, the number of tree types are incredible, and many will grow in most northern climates.

Red Delicious Apple Tree

An old American standard, it's distinguishable by its bright red, heart-shaped skin and crisp, yellow insides. They ripen in September and are delicious eaten right off the tree. They're also the most widely grown apples in the world.

Golden Delicious Apple Tree

Also called Yellow Delicious, these are similar in size and shape to red delicious, though they tend to be a bit sweeter. They're also great for cooking or baking, but tend to bruise easily.

Green Apple Tree

The green apple tree, more commonly known as the Granny Smith, is unique in producing apples that stay green when ripe. They're also more tart and tend to stay fresh longer, even after they are cut. They require plenty of sunlight, but are strong and self-supporting, and are very popular for their hardiness.

Honeycrisp Tree

The honeycrisp is a popular apple tree if you live farther north, as it is one of the hardiest trees in a colder climate. In common storage, its produce will keep well for 5 or 6 months, and the tree itself can survive temperatures as low as 40 degrees below zero.

What you decide to grow will depend largely on your taste preference, how you plan to eat them and your location and climate. You can rest assured that at least one of these (if not all) can comfortably be grown throughout the US.