4 Arch Window Treatments

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Arch window treatments can help enhance the appearance of a home. These creations make the area look elegant in even simple ways.

1. Swags

Pick a sheer fabric that will have a nice fall to complement the arch window’s curve. The swag should be installed by the upper portion of the arched window.

2. Curtains

The use of curtains to dress up an arched window will give height to the area. Hanging curtains and drapery panels using rods will be beneficial for long arched windows. Accents like tying the curtains back will glamorize the window box.

3. Blinds

The use of blinds as an arched window treatment will give light control because it could manage the amount of light preferred to come into the room. Vertical and horizontal blinds are available and the material used could vary from fabric, wood, or vinyl.

4. Leave it Bare

There are arched windows that may come bare because the view overlooking the window is a design in itself. If the arched window has fancy wood trim and a windowsill surrounding it, it is nice to just leave it bare or open.