4 Attic Light Options

A lone, exposed light bulb hanging from a fixture on the ceiling and illuminating an otherwise-pitch-black room.

If you've been looking for a way to light your home's attic, you'll be pleased to learn that a wide variety of attic-light options are readily available. Simply read on to learn everything you'll need to know about the most popular types of attic lights.

1—Pull String

Pull-string lights are perhaps the most common type of attic light found in modern-day homes. While pull-string lights are simple to operate and suit the needs of most homeowners, they generally will not light your attic as thoroughly as light fixtures.

2—Closet Lights

Closet lights, which are essentially battery-powered light fixtures, are affordable, easy to install, and produce slightly more light than the typical pull-string. Also, like pull-strings, they are recommended primarily for people who don't spend a lot of time in their attics.

3—Permanent Light Fixtures

If you spend a good deal of time in your attic and want the area to be well-lit, you may want to have a light fixture installed. While this is the most expensive type of attic-light option, it is also the most thorough. So if you want your attic to be as well-lit as the other areas of your home, a light fixture is the way to go.


As most people spend a minimal amount of time in their attics, a common flashlight is the attic-light option of choice for the most frugal among us. If you're looking to spend next to no money on attic lighting, a flashlight is just what the doctor ordered. Be advised, however, that this is the least effective method of lighting your attic.