4 Attic Storage Container Insulation Tips

If you are going to be using your attic as a storage space, you will need to insulate your containers to withstand any temperature changes and potential moisture that may get trapped within the attic. Below are some insulation tips to consider.

Tip 1 - Use Plastic

Plastic has built in insulation. it is strong and easily susceptible to weathering. Clear plastic has the advantage of letting you see what is in each container.

Tip 2 - Line with Old Blankets

If one of the things you are storing is blankets, consider lining your storage containers with them. That will help provide an extra layer of padding for your items, and it will decrease the chances of the items being affected by temperature changes.

Tip 3 - Caulk the Cracks

If you are using wooden storage containers or any containers that may have cracks in them, consider caulking over the cracks to provide an extra layer of sealant on the outside. If water seeps in from the roof, you will be thankful for the caulk.

Tip 4 - Use Packing Peanuts

If you aren't going to be using the contents of your container for a long time, consider putting packing peanuts in there for insulation. They will fill all the gaps for you.

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