4 Basement Gym Design Ideas 4 Basement Gym Design Ideas

Many people are lost for idea on how to maximize their basement, but one popular choice is to convert the space into a basement gym. Basement gyms save save money over time, as today gym memberships can cost hundreds of dollars and you have to drive there. Having a gym in your basement allows you to get a full workout in the comfort of your home. There are a lot of different types of gym equipment to choose from.

Full-Time Basement Gym

This design is meant to mirror a complete workout area. This type of gym is for a person who is serious about working out and does so on a regular basis. Having several different workout machines allows them to target all of the muscle groups and accomplish a professional workout. This room should be workout friendly and set-up where you can go from station to station. The equipment for such a gym can be found in any fitness store or gym supply store.

Part-Time Gym

This type of gym is for those who have more than one use for the basement. It uses pull out equipment. You just have to remember to leave enough space to accommodate the equipment when you pull it out. You may need to have mats to place on the floor during your workout. The for mats depends on the type of equipment you have. The most ideal part-time gym includes portable things like:

  • Jump rope
  • Free weights
  • Yoga mats
  • Balance balls
  • And any other type of fold up equipment

Corner Basement Gym

This typeof gym is great for a basement with a dual purpose. Many people buy a corner piece of workout equipment that has an all in one function that allows the rest of the floor space to be used for the other purpose. It also allows the person to be working out in the basement while other things are going on.

Before installing the equipment, make sure that there is a mat or other soft base upon which to place the equipment. There are two types of corner equipment and the one that best fits this room would be the smallest equipment you can find. If the all-in-one equipment is still too big, you can find equipment that takes care of some of your needs and use free standing equipment that can be stored when it is not in use.


Consider rubber flooring. It is a lot easier to deal with the loose carpeting or rugs. This type of flooring comes in all different colors and designs. For the best quote on prices, have the measurements for the area you are looking to get covered.


  • Remember that color is important and triggers certain emotions, so a neutral color is important.
  • Predesign the room so that the equipment is easy to use.
  • Add some sound by putting a TV or radio in the room.
  • Have a medical kit on hand incase of an emergency, including a defribulator.
  • Have a phone system available.

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