4 Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

If you’re plumb out of creative backsplash ideas for your bathroom, look no further than this article for fresh, modern and beautiful options. The backsplash isn’t just important to keep your bathroom walls clean and protected from liquids and humidity; it also sets the aesthetic tone for your entire bathroom. Whether you’re looking for something modern and minimalist, simple and classic or exotic and unusual, one of the four backsplash ideas below should provide you with some inspiration.

Backsplash Idea 1 - Mosaic Tile

By creating a backsplash with mosaic tiles, you provide yourself with a plethora of design options. You can go for to bold, bright geometric patterns that will create a contemporary, funky style, or choose muted hues of the same color palette (think peaches, beiges or soft greens) to create a soothing, Zen atmosphere.

If you have one decorative element in your bathroom that you really love, let that inspire you when considering your mosaic tile patterns. For instance, a decorative ceramic tile or plate that you picked up on your last vacation in Mexico can become the keystone of a bright Caribbean theme.

Also consider the size of the mosaic tiles for your backsplash. Larger or smaller tiles can create very different design affects, and will also determine how labor intensive the installation will be. The smaller the tiles, the more time-consuming the installation!

Backsplash Idea 2 – Glass

If you’re tired of bathrooms completely covered in tiles or just can’t bear the thought of installing them, using glass can be a great solution. Simply paint the wall the color of your choice, like a creamy off white or pale blue, and install a glass plate over the wall to keep it protected (keep in mind that this option may be a little more expensive than your traditional tile options, since you need to order a glass plate custom fit for your wall). This backsplash idea creates a simple, clean and modern look.

Backsplash Idea 3 - Travertine Tile

Travertine may sound like a material that you would use in your kitchen, basement or front porch, but travertine tiles can be a great contemporary look in your bathroom. A travertine tile backsplash sets an earthy, rustic tone that looks great bold wood cabinets. Travertine tiles can also be evocative of bricks and subway tiles, so can also create a chic urban feel when paired with steel design elements.

Backsplash Idea 4 - Marble

A more expensive but undeniably classic backsplash idea is marble. Nothing says class and luxury like marble, and this material can actually be very versatile in terms of the overall design of your bathroom. The classic option, of course, is the traditional white, veined marble, but don’t shy away from considering other types of marble. One eye-catching option, for instance, is woven marble, which creates a bold statement with its crisscrossing patterns of different colored stone.