4 Bathroom Paint Ideas for Your Home

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Bathroom paint ideas can be as creative and imaginative as you so desire. If you are considering painting your bathroom and need a few ideas to get started, consider this inspiration.

Paint With Sponges

You can get an airy and comforting look with simple sponge painting techniques. For a beach theme, try sponging bright yellow paint towards the top of the walls and use other yellows to gradually fade into a dark sand color at the bottom. Overall, sponge painting using several colors will add vibrancy to your bathroom, but won't overpower the space.

Consider Dark Colors

Don't be afraid to use dark colors, such as black. You can create a modern theme with a simple chair rail, black paint, and a splash of a neutral color. Additionally, adding colorful items, such as artwork or a plant, will compliment the black paint.

Try a Glaze

If you're bathroom is traditional in style, glazing is a great option for the walls. Glazing gives your walls a bit of extra color and texture. If you decide to use this technique, allocate enough time to properly apply the glaze.

Make Use of Stencils

Stencils are easier to apply than a wallpaper border. You also have the opportunity to customize your bathroom color scheme. You can also mix and match the stencils for additional customization.