4 Benefits of a Cordless Clothes Iron

It’s a chore that most people drudge through, but having the right clothes iron can help make laundry bearable. With so many options to consider when buying a clothes iron, it’s hard to know which ones are the best. Here are 4 reasons to think ‘cordless’ when buying your next iron. 

1. Portability

At 4 feet in length, most clothes iron cords keep you staring at the wall above the outlet. Using a cordless iron will let you put your ironing board where you want it. Being able to watch your favorite TV shows while you work will help make the laundry more enjoyable.

2. Entanglement

Over the years your clothes iron cord will get twisted and knotted, shortening it and making the iron harder to handle. Whether it’s getting caught under the ironing board leg or dangling on the wrong side, a tangled cord means spending time on getting your iron into the right position instead of getting the ironing done. A cordless iron lets you use your iron how you want, when you want. 

3. Weight

It may not seem like much, but taking the extra weight of the cord out of your iron can make the job easier. A lighter iron means more energy to get more done. A lighter iron will also let you buy an iron with a larger water reservoir, letting you iron longer between refills. 

4. Safety

Whether you're plugging your iron in or the cord is getting tangled, there is always danger of an electrical shock or a bad burn every time you use your clothes iron. Going cordless removes many of the dangers that come with ironing. Leaving the base plugged in negates the possibility of a shock and not having a cord to get tangled or tripped over greatly lessens the chance of getting burned.