4 Benefits to an Aluminum Coated Wire Fence

There are several different types of coated wire fencing, but aluminum coated wire fencing is often the best product for the job at hand. The general public is not aware that there is a big difference between types of chain link fencing products, but there most certainly is. Wire fencing in general is made of steel that comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and gauges. One of the most common wire fencing applications is that of the chain link fence. There are also several benefits to using aluminum coated wire fence as discussed in this article.

1. Longevity

Without a coating of some kind of material on it (otherwise known as galvanized), plain steel wire will quickly rust and corrode, failing in it's integrity and appearance. There are a few different types of materials that are primarily used for coating the steel wire and essentially protecting it from corroding. The top three materials are vinyl plastic coating, zinc, and aluminum. Aluminum offers the longest lasting protection (a minimum of twenty five years for most types) to ensure that the fencing remains in good shape and can hold up to trauma and the elements. Zinc coating does not last as long, nor does vinyl. Vinyl in general is prone to weatherization, and tends to crack, peel, and fail overall after only a few years. Zinc is not as durable of a coating as aluminum and can ultimately be worn away.

2. Cost

Aluminum coated wire fencing is less expensive than vinyl coated fencing. It is about the same, or perhaps slightly more expensive than zinc coated fencing. However, when you consider the cost of replacing the entire fence should it fail, any difference is well worth it.

3. Appearance

Aluminum coated wire fencing tends to hold it's shape better than any other form of wire fencing. It also does not discolor due to the aluminum coating. Discoloration can occur when the fencing is not properly cut or when it is installed improperly. If any coated part is cut, it will compromise the integrity of the coating and the underlying steel, resulting in red rust appearing over time. Aluminum coated fencing is much more resilient to damage and trauma than other types.

4. Strength

Vinyl coated fencing does not have the tensile strength, nor does zinc coated, that aluminum coated fencing does. While aluminum coated fencing may be a bit of a sacrifice when it comes to overall aesthetics, it is the best bet when maintaining the structure is important. It was found in several tests that this is the only type of fencing that could withstand being jumped on by a medium sized dog, or a ten year old child. Think about what kind of impacts those could be, which is not that hard, and what kind of damage they might do to a lesser fence.