4 Benefits to an Electric Garage Door Opener

A garage door.

Electric garage door openers have around since C.G. Johnson invented them in the year 1926. One interesting fact about these devices is that they use the same basic mechanisms as bomb detonators. The door opener works with the counterbalance springs to determine how big the opening of the door is. The garage door opener can also serve as the locking mechanism.

1. Added Security

If you are concerned about the security of your house and its surroundings, an electric garage door opener is the right choice for you. Some of the newer versions have rolling codes which make sure that no one other than you can gain access to your home.

The operating panel of the electric openers also come with lights. This light comes on when the door is either opening or closing. There are also electric door openers which have a feature that lets them close the garage doors automatically after you have left. This is great for people who are forgetful and tend to leave the doors open. It prevents burglars from gaining access to your house once you have left.

For added security, make sure that you also place a lock in the door going from the garage to the house. If a burglar is clever enough to have entered your garage despite the security features of the electric door opener, they'll have to deal with more than an unlocked door to get into your home.

2. Protection from the Weather

Another great benefit of having an electric garage door opener is that you do not have to leave your car to open or close the garage door. This feature is greatly appreciated by homeowners who would otherwise have to yank a garage door open and close it again in the rain or freezing weather.

3. Vacation Modes

Electric openers also have a function known as "vacation mode." When this is chosen, the remote controls are disabled and some functions of the system are disabled as well. Essentially the only way to control it will be via the control panels. The control panel would have a button in it that you press to either activate or deactivate the vacation mode. This feature of electronic openers is meant to keep you secure especially when you are away from your house for a while. The only way that the door can be opened is through the control panel which means that burglars cannot use fake remote controls to get in.

4. Energy Efficiency

Some people worry that electric door openers take a toll on the environment. The fact is that only a certain amount of energy is used when the garage doors are opened and it is usually for around 15 seconds at the most. When the garage door is not being opened or closed, it does not consume a significant amount of power.