4 Best Applications for Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is more commonly known as a type of glue that is fast-acting and bonds to nearly any surface. Epoxy resin is also nearly impossible to remove from an item so once you use it you can be certain it will not come apart. Epoxy resin can also be found in many other useful products. Epoxy resin is very inexpensive to purchase but its effects can last for several years depending on its use. The following article will share with you what the best applications are for epoxy resin.

Craft Projects

Years ago you'd use plain white glue for your crafting needs. It did the job despite not holding together as one would like. It also boasted a very slow drying time. White glue has not change in two decades and has no signs of improvement in the next two decades. Epoxy resin in its glue form is the sturdiest glue you could possibly use. The thinking behind white glue for crafts is due to children playing with the item or making them. Epoxy resin is toxic if eaten. You can use epoxy resin to put together Popsicle stick houses or glue felt together. It is perfect for gluing plastic jewels to metal or wood. The sky is the limit as to what you can use epoxy resin for when crafting.

Household Repairs

When you have a broken ash tray, cracked vase or any other type of household mishap then epoxy resin should be the first item on your list. There is no excuse for using a poor substitute to save a few cents. If you need the job done right and want it to last then epoxy resin has to be used. The bonding nature of epoxy resin completely adheres to whatever texture there is on the surface of the two items. If there is no texture to adhere to it will essentially create one. There are very few substances which can dissolve epoxy resin and among those is not water.

Repairing Fiberglass

Fiberglass is used more and more every day. We used fiberglass to create plastic models, molds and it is used to construct planes and boats. Epoxy resin is especially strong when combined with fiberglass due to the thousands of fibers in fiberglass. The bond it creates is very strong. The one caveat to note about using epoxy resin on boats or planes is that it should be used along the seam or inside the vehicle. Ultra violet light can cause epoxy resin to eventually fail.

Protective Covering

One of the most common products that epoxy resin can be found in is polyurethane. It is what gives the product its adhesive properties. Several coats of polyurethane on a surface will protect it indefinitely. It creates a thick covering that resembles a shellac of sorts or hard plastic. It is hard to scratch and chip which makes it perfect for use on certain floor types like concrete. It is also great to use on stained wood to seal in the color and protect the wood.