4 Best Types of Sediment for Concrete Basement Floors

Choosing a flooring material to cover a concrete basement floor can be overwhelming. Numerous material are available that will work in a basement environment. Below are four different types of sediment that are good choices for basement floors. 


Granite is probably the hardest stone available. That means that it possess durability, which is something you will want to look for. While granite is expensive, it very seldom needs repair, and when it does a little buffing will usually take care of the problem.


Marble is a sediment stone, and a beautiful one at that. Marble will make for a good choice if you are looking for variety. It is a less inexpensive stone, and the only downfall to marble is that it does have a tendency to stain pretty easily.


Wood comes in many types and forms. It can fit almost any decor that you have, and installs very easily. Also, with the right tools, you can correct any wear and tear that may come with time.


Ceramic contains clay, which is a durable and practical solution. Ceramic is beautiful, and comes in many different variations. The durability is particularly important in high traffic areas.

By doing your research and listening to suggestions you will be able to select a practical and attractive flooring solution for your basement.