4 Best Uses for a Camp Axe

If you love camping, you probably already have found the need for a camp axe. This extremely useful cutting tool has been around so long that it was one of the most used tools by our ancestors when hunting for food and using resources from nature were the only ways to survive. Today, the camp axe continues to retain its purpose, although they are typically only used by those who love to camp.

A camp axe can be used in many different ways, usually depending on its design. Before, a single axe can have various functions, but with the improvement of technology today, certain axes have been developed to serve certain purposes. Here are some of the best common uses.

1. Chop Wood

The simplest form of a camp axe is mainly used for chopping down wood, which is then used to set up a campfire. While chopping down wood is something that is not done often, a strong and sturdy axe model should be preferred if you want your chopping tool to last long.

2. Trim Branches

Small types of axes, such as the utility axe, can be used to trim branches when you are out in the woods. They are so small that they are often called a belt axe since they can easily be worn in a belt. Thus, it is very handy and convenient to bring around.

3. As a Hammer

Aside from cutting and chopping wood and branches, a camp axe may also be used to drive down the peg for your tent. As you may have noticed, an axe is designed just like a hammer. The difference is that the head of the axe has a sharp edge so that it is able to cut through wood and a blunt, thick edge from which the force comes from. The camp axe can be turned around so that the blunt edge will hit the peg and drive it down, with less of the force required.

4. Chop Meat

A less common use of the camp axe is to chop down on meat, even for campers. Unless you are a fan of going to the extremes and hunting food yourself–just like the way our ancestors did–you probably will not have to use your axe for this purpose. Usually, campers will bring ready-to-cook food, or often food that does not need to be cooked. However, a camp axe can be an extremely powerful tool when it comes to chopping meat, especially parts with bones.

Different Designs, Different Uses

As mentioned before, a camp axe varies in purpose, depending on how it is designed. However, you can always buy a single axe that can do all the objectives you want it to do. Should you decide to chop meat with it, make sure that it is cleaned well to avoid getting infections and other health-related complications in the future.