4 Best Uses for a High Pressure Ball Valve

High pressure ball valves are used in hydraulic, pneumatic, steam, oil and gas, and high pressure fluid applications. They are also used for coating, painting and electro-coating in numerous automotive assembly plants. High pressure ball valve regulates the flow of a fluid by opening or closing it. Hydraulic valves are used in power steering, break system and the transmission of the car. Graders, front-end loaders, dump trucks, cranes and more are also using hydraulic lines. In the factories hydraulic ball valves are used for lifting, pressing, positioning and formatting their products.

Areas of Usage

Pneumatic ball valves are used in sewage treatment, paper making, environmental protection, power station, oil refining, chemical, fertilizer, mining, metallurgy and urban construction etc. They are also used in steel plants, cement plants, power plants, pulp and paper mills, sugar mills, process plants, material handling equipments, waste water treatments etc.

High pressure ball valves are used in PowerStation’s for high-pressure water and steam isolation duties which makes the valve easy to operate. Steam service ball valves can reduce lost energy, down time and safety hazards associated with leaking valves in a steam system. They resist the erosive nature of steam, thus improving performance and enhancing safety.

Negative Side

Ball value residues are another problem faced by most of the industries using high pressure valves. When it is used in fluids for consumption such residues are likely to cause health hazards too. In cases where fluid change is required over time contamination can also occur by mixing of one fluid with other or with residues. Residue comes when in the half open ball valve creates a gap in between body and ball bore where fluid will be trapped. Such a cavity needs to be plugged for avoiding fluid collection. This can be easily done in high pressure valves by extending seats in a way that it is in contact with ball always which is another added advantage. High pressure ball valve is one of the most important items in a fluidic system. It controls the insufficient flow at design conditions.

Usually when used in a pipeline valve used will be a bit smaller or one pipe size smaller than the pipe in which valve is placed. Thus the flow area will be smaller than the pipe. In such a case as the flow discharge is constant and as both valve and pipe are of similar size discharge will be equal to the area of flow too. In such a case the velocity can be reduced by reducing the area of flow which is another added advantage of high pressure valves.

Method Used

High pressure valve works on the principle of floating ball. This system will be helpful in turning the ball in between the seals of ball. This type of valves will ensure free and unrestricted complete flow. It also ensures a positive shut of when used for gases or fluids when an extreme condition requires so. For this valve ensures so much safety it is usable with highly risky elements like petroleum products, oils and gases. It can be used with water glycol as well. Usually oil industry and gas power generation industries use this kind of valves while even mining as well as sewage or water reticulation industries use this type of valve to ensure safety.