4 Best Uses for an Adjustable Wrench

Every tool box should have an adjustable wrench. They might not be perfect for every type of job, but they do have an abundance of uses within many working environments. A tool box is not complete without one. Adjustable wrenches have one fixed jaw point at the top of the wrench and one moveable jaw which can be tightened against a bolt head, nut or other protruding fixture with multiple sides. Adjustable wrenches come in many shapes and sizes and can open to varying degrees.

1. Plumbing

One of the best uses in which to employ an adjustable is definitely plumbing. Plumbers all over the world have a use for an adjustable wrench when it comes to fitting different thicknesses of piping. A sink, for example, will have a thicker hex bolt fitting than a toilet or bath. Bath taps have a smaller requirement and therefore an adjustable wrench is perfect for just slipping over the nut and either tightening or loosening it. The down side of the adjustable wrench is the fact that they can slip off quite easily but most people don’t take too much issue with it because of their flexibility in so many jobs.

2. Auto Mechanics

You are very highly unlikely to see an auto mechanic who doesn’t own an adjustable wrench. They have an advantage over other wrenches in some auto repair situations and they would be used for getting into smaller areas and tackling nuts which are placed in difficult positions. It is possible to use a box end wrench or a deep line socket wrench but sometimes an adjustable wrench will offer a better grip and a little more torque to remove a particularly difficult nut or bolt head. Some cars have awkward hand spaces where a regular wrench just won’t work, so an adjustable wrench is superb for these situations.

3. Cyclists and Motorbikes

Adjustable wrenches can actually be an extremely useful tool if you get stuck somewhere and need to fix a puncture. You will need a wrench to remove your wheel quickly if you get caught cycling and end up with a flat tire. Getting caught out without a wrench in order to make your repair will result in many wasted hours. Always carry an adjustable wrench when you are out cycling. For motorcycle riders it can also prove vital. Loose nuts and bolts can occur when riding and minor adjustments need to be made.

4. Furniture

Self-assembly furniture or just making your own will usually require some kind of nut or bolt to be fitted. Carrying around 20 or 30 wrenches and trying to figure out which wrench fits bests can be time wasting, so using an adjustable wrench will just mean having to fit it against the nut or bolt head, adjust to fit and then tighten. It eliminates the need for most other tools and minimizes your need to lug heavy tool boxes from one place to another to assemble the furniture.